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Zertifizierter Entsorgungsfachbetrieb - Bingo Germany GmbH

Certified waste disposal company

Bingo Systems is an officially certified waste disposal company. The certificate was issued by nationwide and officially recognised authority bvse-Entsorgergemeinschaft e. V. after a verification process according to the highest quality standards. Therefore we are able to guarantee the highest standards, the best available know-how and high degree of transparency during processing and recycling of your goods. The certification as an officially recognized waste disposal company ensures the processing in line with all regulations, while an annual audit by bvse-Entsorgergemeinschaft e. V. guarantees the highest and latest quality standards.

Quality standards

The highest quality standards set by bvse-Entsorgergemeinschaft e.V. during the certification process ensures the reliability, general and technical knowledge, demands towards the organisation, standards of the facilities and licensing in our company.